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No Drama Mama's

Because Drama Whores Suck

Drama Whores Suck!
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Anybody , Moderated

Are you sick of all the drama that surrounds Live Journal? Are the "Snark Queens" poking fun at every word you type? Do you feel uncomfortable posting in communities in fear they will attack you? Have they made fun of you profile? Lifestyle? Parenting choice? Birth plan? Friends? Looks?

Well, you know what... FUCK THEM! They think they are "too good" for us. Now we will make our own aliances and band together.

We are the No Drama Mama's! We don't want drama in our lives!

To Join, you must do two things....

Fill out this survery and E-Mail it to the Mod:

1) Name

2) Age

3) Location

4) How did you hear about us
(please be specific, i.e. provide a link where you found a promotion for the community)

5) What is your favourite pregnancy book, if any

6) Do you have someone in the community who can vouch for you

7) What you think about pregnancy/birth

8) What kind of drama has been brought upon your monitor

9) Who brought this on

10)Your lj name

Then Click Here... and wait for your "approve" or "decline" notice :o)

You *MUST* fill out the survery in order to be approved for memebership. If you do not do so with in two days, you will be denied membership. You can always try again, as long as you send in the survery. It may take up to two days for your acceptance in the community. Please have patience. Thanks ~Mod

A few rules I would like you all to follow while in this commnuity:

1) No snarking fellow members.

You can snark out people who are being snarky to you, but our fellow members are OFF LIMITS! Any problems with this rule, please Comment Here. Your situation will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!

2) No taking our community posts to other communities

Meaning, don't go around posting what we talk about in here to other communities. Kind of simple and self explanatory.

3) Have fun!

This is a community for us to release our anger about other snark queens... but we can have fun doing it. Pictures, polls, etc are all welcome here. Even extremely violent mad posts.. that's okay. We all know what it is like to be snarked out and feel a sudden URGE of violence! Lo)